Weird Netrender results

I have access to ten decent iMac s and am trying to set up a renderfarm.
I´m using Blenders internal Netrender but it does not work for me.
Several problems:
I get a lot of black og partially black frames.
It stops (Is in que according to the master window) after proximetely 40 frames.
I have master and Client on the same machine, slaves on the rest.
Any ideas?

I have done some testing: If I have three instances of Blender on the same mac and use them as Master/ slave/ Client, everything run smoothly. Its when I try to use slave-Blender from other mashines it becomes a mess.
And that kind of ruins the point… :slight_smile:
Anyone with some experienses in this?

If you have a netdrive you could also use unchecked Overwrite in output section and output path to the netdrive.
The first rendering process write into the folder and the second rendering process see the first frame and take the next frame.
Leave the first one render the first frame before start the second.
Check your firewalls for port 8000 for netrender, the slave get the work but don´t send back if it is closed.
Have a look to loki render, it is java based and work´s without konfiguration, and with closed firewall.

Cheers, mib.

Cheers, mib

Loki was the answer. Thanks for help!