Weird Normals

Does anyone know what could be causing my mesh’s normals to be pointing in weird directions? They tilt if I rotate the whole mesh too. Is it a bug or have I accidentally done something wrong?

you have probably already tried to recalculate normals?
ctrl n

can you post a screen shot or a blend file so we can see what’s happening

Also try Ctrl-A in object mode.

If you’ve already tried Ctrl-N, then in Mesh Tools More, select Draw Normals and manually find the rebellious ones and flip them yourself manually(Ctrl-F, 1).

you may have double verts or faces

Ctr W - remove doubles

in face mode - are there any faces that are darker than the others (or have 2 squares on them)

Thanks CD38, Ctrl-A fixed it. Everyone else, the normals were pointing in the right general direction it’s just that they were tilted a bit, so flipping/recalculating them didn’t do anything. I still don’t know what caused it in the first place, but Ctrl-A fixed it.

Confused normals can occur after certain scaling and extruding operations in edit mode. The problem is unpredictable and hard to produce at will, but glad to know Ctrl-A fixed them.

Do you guys think that we need a feature for recalculation normals depending on current view?

Something like ‘Recalculate normals outside (inside) of current view’ ??

I also had this kind of problems and I was forced to rebuild my mesh because neither CTRL+N (CTRL+SHIFT+N) nor CTRL+A helped me