Weird optimization woes.

Hello, I’m new to the forum, and Blender. I’m really enjoying both. Well here is my problem, i have a scene (posted below) its about 4,900 faces, i can trim that down a bit still. I’m using GLSL shaders. From what i have read having about 10,000 faces in a scene should work fairly well in BGE. Either way no matter what i do as soon as i start playing the rasterizer slowly makes its way up to about 90%. I have taken the GLSL shaders out, that didnt do it. So i figured it must be the poly count, out of curiosity i added a multires level to everything and doubled the poly count. The performance is identical and the rasterizer goes to 91% and stays right about there, same as before. There is only a single light in the scene, it’s a sun lamp.

Here is the file, its my mess around version, its sloppy and i was cutting the mesh into seperate pieces messing around, so excuse the unrefined work. If any one could take a look and guess as to why im having these troubles i would really appreciate it.

Oh and i have tried it on other systems, it does the same thing. My computer is an Intel E6600 processor, with Geforce 8800 GTS 512MB graphics card, Vista 64bit.


gameTest.blend (763 KB)