weird particle errors

so i am hoping that this is the right place, i dont post here often.

i am getting sevral issues with the new particle system:

1.) when ever i have the emitter parented on a path and traveling on that path, the particle emit from the non-path origin (0,0,0) instead of from the mesh traveling on the path.

2.) when ever i want to see the particles before rendering i have to start from frame 1 and then hit alt+a?

3.)i have a emitter and a reactor, when the emitter’s particles hit the reactor, the reactor reacts… ok thats what supposed to happen, but the emitter’s particles keep moving after they are dead instead of disappearing and the reactor continues to react OR the reactor particles never die.

4.) after a certain frame, around 300 the Newtonian physics dies and the particles never leave the mesh.

does anyone know what is going on here and how i can fix it, or is anyone else have any problems with this, or am i the only one?

On the emitter, you have cleared origin and rotation? Sounds like it is holding the original location.

If you bake the particles, you’ll be able to scrub through the frames to see the particles.Bake tab is under the emitter tab. Set your frames here fro the animation start and end of your particles, and mind you have set the life of the particles to last long enough for the animation desired.

the origin of the emitter on the path is cleared so that it follows the path exactly, and it the mesh follows the path and moves but the particles emit from where the mesh would be if it were at (0,0,0)

and the baking thing solved the problem with #4

What about visualization? Usually when I have this problem it is because I use an object instead of stright particles, and that object needs to be cleared of origin as well…
just a thought.

hmmm i’ve never heard of stright particles, could you explain that one?
i’ve cleared the origin on the emitter, and i still get the problem, remember in order for the object to follow the path exactly, you need to clear the origin.

Straight particles, regular particles is what I meant - typo :slight_smile:

Could you upload a demo blende file so I can see what is going on and try to fix? Because I suspect maybe it is in the settings themselves instead of the normal conclusions I come to.

hmmmmm so it would appear that the path thing solved itself haha sorry idk what happened with that maybe i didnt tell the particles to re do them selves

so now about the reactor how do i get those particles to die out?