Weird pinching around mouth when using Rigify

I created a character model and a “Cat” Metarig (it’s supposed to be a dog, but whatever). I then fit it to match the model, like is usually done.

In the process, I also deleted the finger bones, since they weren’t needed, and I figured it’d function fine without them, since they can be added individually, I figured it’d be safe to remove them as well.

I also disabled the “Deform” property for the teeth, breast, belly, and eye bones.

When I was all done, I generated the rig and parented it with automatic weights. But… this happened:

I’m not sure how to fix this. Here’s a preview of the face bones:

Here’s the .blend file as well (you’ll need the 2.8 version): (1.6 MB)

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Hi, i suspect your topology is not correctly modelled to allow for the facial movement.
The model wireframe will reveal the problem.
It can also be weights problem.