Weird problem with mesh and texture

Hello, I wondered if someone could help with a problem I’ve not seen before.

I’m colouring and texturing a model I downloaded of an astronaut. It is a .dae file and I’m using blender 2.66.

In project view the model looks fine but when I render, the helmet looks triangular and weird unlike the rest of the model (see attachment). I’ve tried obvious things like smoothing and I’ve tried removing doubles, flipping normals and reacalculating. Can anyone offer any advice please.


From the look of it, i think you have 2 models on top of each other, if removing double/recalculating normals does nothing, it’s possible that the 2nd model is either :

  • a separate object
  • is invisible (try ALT+H both in Edit Mode in case it’s not a separate model, and in Object Mode in case it is)
  • or both

If it’s not that, upload the blend for people to look closer.

I think it was a seperate object

thank you,