Weird problem with overlaped Uvs

The problem happens when I export my models (obj, fbx) to other softwares, the overlaped uvs are treated as one uv island and it cant be separated. In past projects what I do is simply unoverlaped the uvs but in this project I have a lot of overlaped pieces and blender doesnt even show me where this overlpas are (visually). Do you know how to solve this o at least do you know an easy way to unoverlaped a lot of pieces?

I’m not sure I can help with this specific problem because it often depends on what software package you’re exporting to. However, I was always taught to avoid overlapping UV’s as much as possible (it keeps the UV map clean, and avoids weird issues such as the one we’re seeing here).

I also know anything in practice can be a lot different than theory, so please don’t take it to mean you’re doing it wrong. I’d say start by re-mapping your UV’s so nothing is overlapping and seeing if there are any problems with an export to your other programs. If we still see the issue, it means the overlapping UV’s aren’t the culprit. (Sometimes software is just picky)

In game models we overlaps uvs for pieces that are going to use the same texture, for pieces that are the same or very similar. We use this to save texture space. They are not overlapped by accident or error xd. I want to move all this overlaped piece to other uv quadrant or I need a way to solve this export/import problem.

That’s fair. I didn’t think about that - not a game guy myself. What program are you trying to export it to?

EDIT: Also, can you post a screenshot of your UV map?

This is how my uvs looks like. I am trying to export it to maya or max, in both software happens the same. I cant show you my model but it is basically a lot of nuts and bolts, tubes and mechanical parts


That doesn’t look too bad. This may sound dumb, but why do you need to separate the overlapped pieces? Is it affecting the way Maya/Max place the texture on the model? I understand you want to be able to separate them, but I’m not sure I understand your overarching problem (ie, what’s the end goal?).

Side note - scaling your UV’s so they’re within the 0-1 quadrant may help you overall, I know Maya has other quadrants but it likes everything to stay within that normalized range.

Its really not a problem for me having those uvs islands welded, but if someone of my coworkers needs to edit the uvs he could have a problem, he would need to remap those pieces, and my coworkers dont use blender. Also I dont know if that uvs could create a problem in the game engine.