weird problem

(gargola) #1

i got another problem: i have a character,it moves…blah blah…blah! but when i set up the sensors and actuators etc so when he collides with an object,the object got to dissapear,but it don’t dissapear when the character collides with it.i got everything set right i checked everything,the collision button is on…everything.but the problem is still there.what’s wrong now???.. he he! please help! :slight_smile:

(S_W) #2

perhaps you could post the file.

(gargola) #3

well,let’s see…the file is 1.41 mb,but compressed…i got to make my web page again,thanx to that good for nothing server,but what the heck! i’ll be back later and tell you when my page is ready.well,see ya later.

(gargola) #4

ok,i made my new web page(under construction).you can download the file here:
This is a game that i’m making for my wife(she loves that darn Pikachu…he he!)please take a look at the game and try to collide with the star.thanx! :slight_smile:

(S_W) #5

ok i’ve download the game, but i don’t see any collision problem. :frowning: the character collides with the star.

(skairkrow10) #6

i see your problem there is actualy two:

First your collision sensor is set to react on the property pikacu but pikachu doesent have this property. To fix that select the pikachu object and click add property, in the name box type pikachu(make sure its the same spelling as the one on the stars collision sensor).

Next the actuator you are using on your star object is the wrong type for what you are trying to do. Change its type to edit object and select end object.

Doing these two things will make the star object disapear.

Hope i was of some help there are not many thing i know about using blender but this is one i have figured out

Good luck on making your game i hope your wife likes it when it is done.

P.S. You should also make the texture on your star object two sided that way if you get behind it it will be visable. to do that you select the star and go into the paint buttons and choose the face select button and chosse each one of the faces that make the star one at a time and set the two side button to make the star visible from the back side in the game. There is a tutorial on that some where but i am not sure whrere though.

(gargola) #7

thanx for your help guys! :slight_smile:

skairkrow1098: All that you said worked perfectly man! thanx a lot! :slight_smile:

(skairkrow10) #8

grreat glad i could be of some help to you. I am actualy interested in colaborating with you to help you further develop your game. I think we could have fun and learn alot by working together. If you think this is a good idea let me know.

(gargola) #9

Great! just tell me what we got to do.thanx for your offer. :slight_smile: