weird problem

So I decided just to make the lake visible so I could tell the diffrence between the two, and I noticed that theres a hole or something visible on the plane i used for the landscape, yet, there are no holes that i can see either in the circle or the plane, whats my problem? this was rendered with yafray(sp?)

Cant tell from that image.

I’m guessing the blue slice near the bottom of the image?

If so have you tried checking to see if the normals are pointing the right way?

how do i do that? sorry im kind of noobish :).

In the edit mode menu you can go to normals >> flip normals. Or you can do a whole recalculation with Ctrl N.

Thanks, what does calculating/flipping the normals do?

Exactly what they say, flip and calculate the normals…

The only thing you should remember is that normals should always face outwards…
Recalculating them will make blender turn them outwards for you.
Sometimes the mesh is badly messed up, and Blender can’t determine the normals. This will usually result in ugly black line-like thing on the object in your render.
If recalculating the normals doesn’t help, you might want to clean your mesh up.

If you want to see the normals, go to the EDIT-buttons and search for the ‘draw normals’ button. It should be in the last ‘sub-tab’. (If you still can’t see them. Change the number in the box above the button to a larger one.)

Flipping the normals is not something I would recommend… But you can use it if ‘Ctrl+N’ made a ‘mistake’.