weird problem

im new to the forums
been playin around with blender for a while now.
i have a weird problem though.

been trying to make a model for the Realflight simulator.

made my model and it looks pretty good…not perfect but pretty good.
lastnight i wanted to try and get the model i have into the sim.

have to export into 3ds format and use deep exploration.
as one of the steps to get the file to import into the sim.

thats where my problem comes up.
when i open the file in DE the mesh is all broken with half the faces missing.:eek:

does that mean i totally messed up making my model or did i not do somthing before i exported it?

any input would be great

thanks in advance


Mmmm… about the missing faces: maybe the normals are facing the wrong dirrection.
Also I’ve found problems at importing or exporting thing from blender in the 3DS format when the files (objects and textures) have names longer than 4~6 letters, don’t know the reason about this.