Weird question about python and blender

Hi All, First of all , I don’t want to raise any flame , so please excuse me if it happens, this want to be just a technical question , and I’d like just to have a technical reply about it , and not about the reasons of why I’m asking it.

I was wondering if , and what would involve , trying to move blender to python 2.5 .
If there’s any specific code that relies on the features of python 3k and which kind of problem would raise moving it back to 2.X (eg: 2.6/2.7).


I believe 2.49 used Python 2.x, but I also think since Blender 2.5, it’s Python 3 and I don’t think it’s possible to go back, although someone else could probably be more specific. I seem to remember reading somewhere that because of the way the Blender Python API is now set up, it depends on Python 3 at a pretty low level.

You can still download 2.49 from the Blender Foundation website.