Weird, random framerate drop

I don’t know why, but my framerates drop to maybe 5-10 for half a second, on and off for about 15 seconds, and then is perfectly fine (i.e. unnoticeable fps even when moving very fast). I have an 8600 GTS with a dual core 3 Ghz processor and 2 gigs of RAM, so I don’t see the reason behind this. Any ideas from you smarter guys?

If you’re using Windows, that’s your reason.

How helpful.

Does this happen just in Blender, or in all 3d applications? Has this always happened? Are you using the most recent drivers for your video card?

Only in blender. I have no idea why. I can run even video games at a good, not droppy fps, and I just created a simple uvsphere, and it lags randomly. It’s really annoying. I guess I’ll try to reinstall my nvidia driver.

Haha! It works! Thanks, tatsuyame, I didn’t think it would be so simple. Now back to blending.