Weird red wire-frame bug in edit mode

OK, since moving to 2.47 I’m having some strange effects in edit mode.

If I press B twice to use the circle select, this happens:
Background goes black, model mesh goes red and nearest edges seem to show up better, and circle select just goes crazy.

It also happens when I’m not in circle select mode and I move over some of the menu buttons!

Has anyone else encountered this and know how to stop it?

What kind of GPU to you have? (ATI? Intel Integrated?)
That is probably a GPU problem, though it might be Vista’s fault. Try turning of Aero to see if it fixes it.

I have Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT and I have most of the settings maxed out.
I’ll try turning Aero off first and see what happens. If not then I guess it’s a matter of creating an Nvidia profile that’s less GPU intensive.

Hey Dusty. I had this exact same problem as well. Here’s the fix: In the graphics card settings under “Adjust Image Settings with Preview” you have to have the “Let the 3D application decide” for the performance versus quality.

That should fix it for you. GL!