Weird reflection from far away

When rendering this demo in eevee, I am getting weird reflections. In the bottom left of the frame you can see the hand reflecting. That is the floor and the part where you see a reflection is way behind the character. It is reflecting like it is directly underneath the arm. What gives?

How are the normals for the floor? Any broken custom normal data going on? If it’s able to reflect the character, where’s the reflection of the wall?

Ya where is the reflection of the walls???
The floor is yellow tile downloaded from blenderkit. The normal is going up. I disconnected the normal socket of the shader too.
I discovered it is caused by the world setting. It was just a white world with very little strength. I dont have a lot of experience creating worlds. I really just want a cartoon look. I would have just used sun lamps but I don’t know how to make then go through walls.

I would have just used sun lamps but I don’t know how to make then go through walls.

if using Eevee, uncheck “Shadows” from the sun lamp.

If using Cycles, uncheck “Cast Shadow” from the sun lamp.

I guess I meant to say I want he sun lamp to go through the walls but still have shadows on the characters like light groups in Blender Render. I could use composting I know but aint no body got time for that.

Well, in cycles thats easy enough, go to the object data, into visibility, and under ray visibility uncheck shadow for the walls/ceiling, they will no longer cast shadows onto other objects.

For Eevee, I was unable to find a similar setting. However, in my tests, if the sun lamp was physically within my walls, then those walls would not cast shadows onto my other objects inside. If you are committed to this look, then you could parent your sun lamp to your character and keep it in close proximity and theoretically the nearby walls shouldn’t be able to get him.

I think the reason this works is because of the clip start and end inside the sun lamps settings in Eevee, so you could tweak those to control the effect further.

You could also just delete the walls that are blocking the sun lamp when they are not in frame.

All that said, I personally think that your character, while definitely stylized and cartoonish, is realistic enough that audiences will expect the lighting to be fairly realistic too.

Thanks for the very useful advice. I discovered that the weird reflection was actually caused by the world. I used a mix node with light ray reflection as the input to make the reflection from the world much darker than the diffuse.
Then I used some spot lights with custom distance to light the charecter.
It is looking much better now!