Weird reflection problem


I’m having problems with a reflecting material. The reflection shows off checker-texture for no apparent reason, see the image. there should be nothing in the environment that causes this and I’ve played around with the reflection settings but have found no fix.

The reflective model is a simple thin cube, simulating a window glass or similar. There are no edges where the checker thing appears and no subdiv surface modifier. Adding edges does make the texture smaller but it is still there. What could be causing this?

I think the problem is with ambient color. My horizon is set to white because i need a white seamless background for the render. If I set ambient color to black there are checkers but if I set it to white the whole render becomes overbright with white. I’m not too familiar with using these. Could anyone help me out in achieving a white background without the black checkers effect in reflections?

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try removing doubles (Edit mode -> W-> Remove Doubles), that looks like z fighting. if that doesnt work, post the blend file.

what’s the orange thing on the corner? is that part of an image texture?

Sorry I could not reply earlier - the remove doubles thing worked. Should’ve tried it earlier myself… Feel a bit stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone!