Weird reflection

Why is this happening? I made a floor with a principled shader with the roughness set to 0.00. Also added a irradiance volume and reflection cubemap when bake it get this: “circled in red”

With the roughness set to 0 you are making it a mirrored surface. Why it’s upside down is an interesting question, I imagine it’s connected to the reflection cubemap, which probably explains the strange shape on the right as well.

is it possible you have some additional geometry out of shot which is being reflected?

No not at all.

I forgot that i had hidden a cube witch was set as show as wire. When i erased the cube and re baked irradiance volume and the reflection cube the reflection of the cube went away, but my character is still reflected in a weird way.

is your ground plane flat and not smooth shaded?

If it is smooth, that can bend the normals in a weird way.