weird reflection


There’s some STRANGE effect I’ve got with an alpha-channeled transparent texture reflected in water:

I’ve done so much head-scratching that I’m afraid I’m gonna be bald soon :RocknRoll:

The, ummmmh, tree looks proper here. Unlike its reflection. However it has non-solid alpha-texture (i.e. it’s not solidly white/black - parts of it are gray in order to provide some translucency for the leaves.

Water seems to amplify its specularity values madly, though [Spec] for the leaves textures is set to 0.

Having Alpha and Spec inverted (yellowed) in MapTo with DVar set to 1 and A set to 0 (in “Materials”) I receive similar thing with leaves texture (bright yellow and green dots), but it doesn’t seem to affect the reflection.

Any suggestion where’s the problem?

Some people say I can experience troubles with my video chip (a laptop GeForce 7400), which is quite doubtful, and others suggest that’s I should question my destination values or check out alpha channel in order to make it solid, with no shades of grey, etc.

would be easier to help if you could upload the file or PM it !

try to change the Spec hard of the water

but this is a reflection so try increase the OSA it may help!


what are you rendering with?

another thing is
if you used a script to do that tree
there may be some flowers in the tree of fruits ect

so this migth be the problem - so check inside tree mesh to see if there is not
something else doing this effect ?


Do you have PreMul turned on for the leaves texture of the tree?

It looks like the reflection is picking up the edge of the leaf texture.

thanks for your answers, that’s been a while since I’ve been here.

I render with Blender internal, and apparently it had something to wrongdo with alpha channel of my leaves texture. fixing it up relieved some problem, but still I can’t see the root of it.