weird render effect

hey im trying to make an animation with a deer using a really simple model but every time i render part of it goes crazy i tried applying rotation location and scale but it didnt do anything. im sending two pic one is the open gl render the other is the normal blender render


What modifiers are on the mesh? I had a similar problem which was caused by the modifiers being in the wrong order.

its subsurf and amature on the bottom i tried swiching them but it didnt work

Could it be the type of camera?

I’m using the default camera

My guess is that you likely have a cyclic dependency with your bones/constraints.

ummm this may sound like a stupid question buuut how do i check that? its the first time i’ve heard of that

Go to the ‘help’ menu and click the option, “toggle system console.” If there’s a cycle, it should say so and describe it. Make sure you click the same menu option to close the console. If you click the ‘x’ in the corner, I’m pretty sure it’ll close Blender. At least that’s what happened in 2.4.

ya the x closes blender buuuut it didnt say anything bout the cyrcle thing. Is it ok if i post the .blend file so you guys can see the problem?

heres the blend file if you want


wait never mind i found the problem… i didnt see that i had two amateur modifiers :o


help.blend (532 KB)