Weird Robot - Updated 7/20/04

I’ve got most of the head done, I just need to add some more detail. Then I’ll work on the torso, arms, legs and scenery.

C&C please.


Cute! He looks like a toaster.

Everything looks good so far, but why is there a hole in the top of his head?

Nice job.

I have started so many characters like this that I never finish. Keep it up it looks great.

Yep he’s a weird robot :smiley: Good start, keep us updated.

Thanks for the comments, everyone. :smiley: I do plan to finish this off (and I’ll end up waiting 9 days for the final render on my ancient 450 mHz PIII :stuck_out_tongue: ). Added a light sticking out of the top of his head, a giant spring for a neck and a torso (part of it, anyway):

Keep the C&C coming, please. 8)


Looking pretty good.

I don’t really have any crits except that some of the transitions in the chest are a little akward, but its barely noticeable.

Good job.

Thanks for the encouragments. 8) Here’s another update. I added the rubber part of the torso, ball-and-socket shoulder joints, shoulders, and the same type of joints for elbows, which I may change. Also, MusicMan, could you specify which parts of the chest plate look a bit awkward? I’m looking and looking, and not seeing it. I’d like to fix it, though.



Im not exactly sure whats so akward about it to me. Its either the sharpness of the plates, or the fact that the curve in the under part comes so close to them it almos has the appearance of disappearing. It may be better once you get it textured though. I have a bad habit of finding things I don’t know what to do with.

Good job, I look forward to updates.

I didn’t get to work on this at all yesterday, but today I finished the arms and hands, and tweaked the chest plate a bit:

Here’s a shot showing a bit more detail on the elbow and forearms:

With any luck I can finish the modelling this weekend, then get to work on materials, scene, etc… :smiley:


I wish i could blender like that.
Although i made a strange ball how do you add your own shapes to make hands?

You lot make it look so easy!

Good modeling, very smooth. I think the face could use a new design, or some additions, though it could all look fantastic depending on the textures you make or use. One thing that could really make this alot better is some sharper edges! especially on the head, where all the creases are between metal plates. Sharper edges with a slight bevel would bring the modeling out alot.

I like! No real crits, but the face looks kinda weird to me.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. 8) It’s supposed to have a weird face, it’s a weird robot! :stuck_out_tongue: Here are some renders of the finished product, with textures, though I need to work on the eye textures yet. I redid the hands, since I didn’t like the ones I had. Also, even though you can’t really see it because of the black background, there is a glass vacuum tube sticking out of its head. Coming soon: rigging, scene and animation! This could take a while…anyways: