Weird Rotation when blending Maximo Animations?

Hi There!

I’m fairly new to Blender and have been playing around with blending multiple Mixamo animations together. Here is my project file:

I’m wondering if anybody would know why the model rotates when the two animations blend?

And How I would achieve a more seamless transition.

Thanks in advance!



HI, Your dance is overlapping the jump.

It was because character was starting to come out of the crouch, and you tried to blend from there to a standing dance…since jump anim ends in a T pose…setting the end frame of Jump from 1>75 , and then since Dance starts in an dance with arms raised, almost a T pose. it is better to overlap Dance starting at frame 74>147 only 2 frames…not perfect but back roll to get from crouch to standing in a couple frames stops that wierd roll that was there…

Thanks guys!!!

Have played around with it a bit more and think that the problem has something to do with setting the ‘Blend In’ value in the NLA.

I think there might be some sort of origin orientation conflict with the default T-pose and the Motion Capture data.

why else would this create a full 360 degree rotation?

Here’s the example: