Weird rubberbanding on phones

I’m viewing BA on my iPhone 6.

When viewing the Development thread, 6.6k comments, I sometimes experience this rubber banding effect, where I scroll down, the page pops up by half a screen, but when I scroll up again, the page pops down half a screen. I can hardly look at the post I wanted in the center of my screen.

It is not exactly random however, it happens when a certain “threshold” is met in the position. When I scroll over just a tiny bit, it would happen, but if I go back just a tiny bit, it pops back to normal.

My suspicion is that some ads are not displaying properly causing this issue.

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I got the same issue on my wife’s HTC U11. It is immensely annoying.

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Literally unplayable!


I’ll look in to it, thanks for reporting!

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scrolling up does it the worst. lots of jumping.

google images locks page movement when loading. this would be great here too.