Weird scale problem

For some reason all the objects in my scene have scaled up beyond the world limits and my camera sees only half an object out at the apparent edge.

How can I scale it all down (it’s an animation) so that I keep everything relative to each other and don’t affect the anim settings?

Cheers David

Since I’m not sure exactly how you want the objects scaled down, one of these should work for you:

To scale them all down together, press ‘A’ to select all, then scale down with S as usual. If it doesn’t do what you wanted, you should scale them all in manually, or ask someone to write a script to scale all the objects to a certain size on thier individual axis. Either that, or, if you want them their normal size, as in the size you modelled them at, select them (each seperately) and press ‘Alt-S’ to clear their size, scaling them to normal. A person could also write a script for doing this, but I figure doing it manually would be faster than waiting for it, and then running it.

Hold on Tight,

If I understood you correctly, this should (maby- so save before you try it… ctrl+W) work:
In object mode: Hit A to select all objects and then s to scale (down).

Hope it works…

Thanks scale worked ok, but didn’t move the lights or camera in relative space. I think I just kept modeling up my path (longer and longer) without respecting the size of my scene.

How big a field should I use, to spread out my stuff, so that they don’t go outside the world boundaries?

I would hate to be making a city and find that ll the object have to be moved and resized later! I guess you could do a quick parent of everything to an empty then scale that, afterwards un-parenting and deleting the empty.

Cheers David