Weird shades on the model

May someone tell me the hidden reason that causes the gray shades you see on the wall of the building? I would like to get rid of it, but I am not sure how.

Currently, I tried merge by distance, normal edit modifier, all failed to fix it.

A wire frame or .blend file would help to see what the problem is. Looks like a geometry issue from first glance.

Probably just shading ? What does the mesh look like ?

I have the object here, may you guys take a look? Thanks for your help.

I actually think it is something related to the normals, coz when I do Mesh->Normals->Split, some of those shades disappeared. However, splitting normals may not be the best choice, as it also created a bit of strange texture somewhere.

Sorry I am new to modeling and Blender, may someone point me the things that I should try?

I tried downloading your file, but all I got on import was a cube, and an empty mesh with a name on it.

Can you save your file out as a .blend file?

Sorry I replied late, here is the link for the .blend file, the other files are already uploaded:

Yeah, your topology too rough to support an automatic solution. The only way I can see that you’ll be able to fix those shading errors is either by setting your sharp edges manually, or by redoing your buildings entirely.

But what is causing that shade, incorrect normals or texture?

Basically? You have a bunch of messy, nested tris in a bunch of areas that should be flat and sharp angled. The best thing to do would be to start merging vertices and adjusting your UVs until it’s relatively clean.

It’ll be tedious, but it can be done.

Edit: Make that very tedious. I tried cleaning up some of your geometry to make it more, er, building appropriate, and it’s a huge mess. You’d save yourself a lot of headaches by redoing some of your geometry from scratch.

Just model this from scratch man. These are easy, boxy buildings.

ok, i will redo if there is really no any new comments.

I wanted to add that in order to not have to redo your UVs, you can use data transfer modifier from your old mesh to the new, and check UVs under face corner data, with “nearest corner and best matching normal” mapping (try other methods if this one doesn’t work so well)

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