Weird shading artefacts

I have noticed some weird shading errors, while I was rendering some textured assets.

Could someone help me with this.

Its a basic cube with all of its edges beveled in edit mode and smooth shading applied. There are no internal faces, auto smoothing is off. Face orientation is correct. The material is the basic default principled shader. I only added a sun lamp. The problem persist with both cpu as well as gpu rendering. And hdri cause the same problem.

When I was painting the asset where I first noticed the issue, Iray in substance painter doesn’t seem to replicate the error.

This error occurs in both 2.8 and 2.81 beta

So, apparently its called the terminator effect or artifact. I have never noticed it because i have never used low poly models with curved edges like that in cycles.

There are no solutions to this to my knowledge in cycles, which is not so great.