Weird Shading Effect Of Faces.

:frowning: Any idea how to resolve this problem please?

thanks, Ed.


Check your normals are pointing the right way.
Try Ctrl+N


Sorry , no idea what normals are. I tried CTRL+N but nothing. :frowning: Ed.

Go into edit mode, press ‘A’ to select all and then ctrl+‘N’ to recalculate normals. This should help.]

:frowning: No joy. No idea what’s going on.

Some of the faces are smoothed (the ones causing the problems), go to edit mode and select your model, then click the ‘Set Solid’ button in the ‘Links and Materials’ panel under ‘Editing (F9)’

Also, you could pretty easily achieve the same effect with textures rather than actual geometry. Right now you’re using about 17k vertices to create something that could be made using about 20 vertices and a decent bump map.

As Morio said, the issue is with your model. There are WAY too many vertices for this model, there are faces that are not seen, so not needed (the space between the tiles), there are faces that connect a vertex on the front of a tile to the back (one of the biggest issues here). I also saw a missing face on one tile.

I hate to tell you this, but due to the complexity of the model, your best bet is to scrap it and start over. Fixing the issues here would take longer than it took you to model this. I agree with Morio that a bump map would be best, but if you are set on modeling each tile, don’t join them. Model each as a cube separately. This will make finding and fixing problems much easier.

:DThanks folks, aye the set solid thing worked aright, i see what yer mean about it been complicated, more lines than waterloo station on there. I will ave a go at remodelling it then, just the outside faces. :smiley:


Well had a go , it’s a bit tidier than before, need to finish where the ridges meet though, this is the “flat” version.
Bump map :confused: um more reading me thinks.