Weird shading in rendered mode

I am modeling a toy soldier for a college project. In the solid mode, everything looks fine. The problem begins when I switch to rendered mode.

The shadows have a weird shape. The light shouldn’t go through the helmet, but hey, screw physics.
This isn’t caused by wrong face orientation.

I’ve had this problem before when I made another low poly model. I would be really grateful if someone could explain why this happens and how to solve this problem.

eevee shadows can a bit tricky and weird,
for this helmet problem you have to turn up “Cube Size” under Shadows for sure.
The jagged lines need tweaking, take a look at some tutorials like these:

Alternative switch to cycles, there are no such shadow problems.

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Thank you, this was really useful!
I noticed after a while that the problem disappears with cycles, but it’s important for me that my model looks good with faster render types because it’s for a game. So maybe I’ll have to change the settings in Unity as well.