Weird shading problem

Hi, I have weird problem in my renders, here is an example, look at the last frames on the leather handle of the tennis racket:

I have tried recalculating the normals but that didn’t seem to help. Why is it doing this?

I wasn’t able to view your avi… what codex are you using?

I am using a camstudio codec. It was the only lossless codec with somewhat good file size,that I found. Try opening it with VLC media player. If you still can’t open it, please tell me of a good codec, I have tried xvid, divx,Microsoft video 1, I have tons more.


Here is the uncompressed avi:

warning: 73MB

I was able to open the uncompressed avi (I was using VLC both times… not sure what the problem was… probably my machine).

It looks like you have two handles on the tennis racket that are in the same place. Try deleting one of them.

Hope that helps.

I tried that but there was only one there. I tried deleting it both in edit mode and object mode. I am stumped.

Could you post the blend file?


Errrrr, just thinking…

I mean, everybody having DSL and stuff, it probably is not such a big deal to download 80 MB for a 140 frame video, but you probably get more responses if you post a still image… with 80 KB

And - change to editing buttons, click on “Set Solid”, turn on “Auto Smooth”, click on “Set Smooth”.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of putting just a single frame on there. The “auto smooth” thing worked, but can you explain what auto smooth does? Sorry, I am still somewhat of a newbie.

EDIT: Also, I think that 80 megabytes for a 3 second movie is a bit too much, I want a lossless codec that still has good file size, it also needs to be something that runs on a machine with no installed codecs. Do you have a suggestion? I wish people here would install the k-lite mega codec pack, but I have to choose one everyone can open.

It prevents sharp edges (edges with an angle larger than set in the field below) from beeing smoothed.

Flash. You render jpeg files out. Jpeg2SWF (opensource) creates a flash animation.

here is my final movie, it is uncompressed, but in a zip file, it is only 10MB. Amazing how much zip can compress with something uncompressed. Anyway, here 'tis:

Oh, I didn’t notice you replied just then. I also probably will not use flash as a format for video, I have flash if I wanted to do that, not that jpgtoswf but I just tried putting an uncompressed avi inside a zip file and that seemed to work great.

  1. Flash (7) is good because everybody has got it.
  2. There are way more efficient methods of compressing a video than to zip it.
  3. 10 MB is quite large, and the host your’re using is quite slow. Normally I wouldn’t wait for it.
  4. I can’t play even your uncompressed video (though of course blender can).

So maybe you should reconsider your decision (but on the other hand - who am I…)

9MB is actually quite small for a lossless compression that has 140 frames. DivX can make the file about 400KB but the quality is not great. And about the host… I don’t usually use that file host, now that I know about, just it was down when I wanted to use it. I was also hoping for an avi codec, not a whole new format, like flash.

9 MB is a lot for someone who has not a good DSL connection, and quite a few codecs are difficult because:
-> some don’t exist for all operating systems
-> are not installed somewhere where you have to work (and are not admin)
-> AVI may be blocked from a proxy system (at work)