Weird Shading

the above image is an exported model from 3ds max
when i imported it in blender the shading is weird

i viewed the normals of vertex some, of them were flipped, so i tried to flip faces, vertex but all in vain, i even recalculated normals, not able to rectify it…

Please Help

There’s a couple of things you can do here

First I would check all face normals. Go to viewport overlays while in edit mode (small button at the top right in the viewport) and activate “face orientation”. All the face fronts will turn blue and the backs red, this makes it really easy to spot flipped normals. To flip a face normal, select it in edit mode, then go to mesh, normals, flip. Do that until everything is blue

Then make sure that you dont have any ngons or faulty geometry. Select a geometry, then go to edit mode, press shift+z to go into wireframe mode, press 1 to choose vertex selection. Now go to select, select all by trait, faces by sides. In the small window that pops up at the bottom left, choose in type “greater than” and at “number of vertices” 4, this will select all the ngons with more than 4 vertices in them.

If nothing works, try to delete the face and create a new one. You can fill a hole by selecting two edges and then pressing F

Once you’re done you can add the “Weighted Normal” modifier to fix up broken face normals

Hope this helps!

First, your imported model have had the faces splitted by 3DS during export.
Select everything and press ALT+M, Merge By Distance. This will ensure you don’t have 2 vertices sharing the same location. After that you can try to recalculate normals with Shift+N. Also, while you still have everything selected, press ALT+J, this will convert triangles into quads.
Hope it solves it.