Weird shading

Hi there, I have this character head. I think im finally getting the hang of modelling the lips onto it, but before I improve them, I’d like to know why the shading in some bits is weird. Throughout multiple attempts Ive always gotten this weird shading around the lips. Its obviously got to do with the topology, but I dont see anything weird there. Can anyone explain whats going on here to me?
problem.fbx (95.9 KB)

The problem is non planar quads. It means you have quad faces that are bent too far, and blender doesn’t know how to interpret them. You’ll need either to slice them into tris with the knife, which will improve but not totally fix it, or remodel that part.

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Yeah, I thought it would be something like that. Where are those problematic quads located?

There are four of them I noticed, all in the mouth corners.

Four quads, right?

Maybe more. I only looked at the mouth.

In Edit Mode, selecting Overlays → Mesh Analysis: Distortion can help to find them…

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