Weird simple problem, plane texture renders, but wont show in 3d viewport.

As per the title, I got a plane that i’ve textured and the texture is ON the object. but it wont show up in textured mode, it just becomes a white mesh. Why?

SimpleChar_3.blend (497 KB)

Option 1
Up unwrap the plane and select your sword image in the UV/Image editor
Option 2
Change textured display mode from Multitextured to GLSL. You would also need to apply the material and texture to your character as weel and add lights to your scene


SimpleChar_3.blend (100 KB)

Sorry, but that didnt work, i tried option one, marked all seams and unwrapped and the sword texture was selected, but its still just a white plane.

I also cant do option two, i can change it to GLSL but the models texture dissapears, and when i make a new material for it, theres no texture in the texture list except the sword?

Scrap that, managed to sort it now, i must have borked up somewhere. Just redownloaded the upload here to save my 2 hours of texturing from being completely wasted!