Weird skin texture facetting in Cycles (Blender 2.82)


I am modelling a head and have a weird issue in Cycles.
As you can see there are some strange facetting issues with how the skin texture shows up in the cycles rendering.
In Eevee its fine.
Nothing is changed, its the same file, I only switch the render engine…

As the hair is much better in Cycles, I’d like to fix the issue with the skin and render in Cycles.
Still & out of interest, if someone has a thought of make the hair show up similar in Eeevee I do appreciatet that info too :wink:

Thanks for those suggestions , stay save and healthy and keep washing those hands,



Can you share? Not the whole model, just a few select neighboring places that still causes issues in a standalone file with Cycles enabled as the render engine?

Are you using Principled Hair shader in her skin by any chance?

This looks like your UV’s are overlapping … maybe a mapping mistake. Have you mirrored your mesh after UV unwrapping, and could it be that they share the same coordinates?

Yes, the skin is a photoimage plugged into the base color of the Principled BSDF.

Regarding sharing, unfortunately I can not, BUT, I just tried something, if I copy the head into a new file and render it in Cycles (=without the hair particle system) I do not get that facetting.

The hair particle system is on a seperate “hair cap” surface, so that SHOULD not interfere with the skin, no?

More thoughts? Thanks for helping!


Ok. Fixed it, but do not know why it happened.
Copied the head haircap and hair particles to a new file & all is good!

Thanks for the suggestion with the new & empty file!

this happens with me, I must have one material for the base and other for the hair particles (this one using the Principled Hair) in order for it to work.

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