Weird soft body problem: reverting back to cube!

hi All,
i’m having a really difficult problem with soft bodies that i can’t figure out. It’s driving me crazy because it should be so simple. i’m using ver. 2.57 release.

The basic problem is that I can add a cube and get a nice jelly-like soft body after subdivision, etc, just like in tutorials.

BUT then if I scale the cube (or dimension) to look more like a ‘slab’ as soon as I hit the ‘p-button’ it instantly reverts back to a cube for the ‘real-time’ simulation!! I’ve tried applying the subdivision, basically everything I can think of.

Also, i’ve found that the damn cube only works in soft-body mode if I use triangle collision. If I use convex hull it just falls right through.

any help i’m desperate, tried everything for hours.

Ok, so i’ve figured out that if I export the modified subdivided ‘cube-slab’ as an STL and then re-import it; after setting as soft body in ‘blender game’ it behaves well like soft body. BUT then again if I try to change its dimensions (or any other geometry) it again ‘snaps’ back to the original imported shape!
Also, it appears that any application of soft body setting in ‘blender render’ (there are a bunch of additional setting) do not get applied. Only the settings in physics in ‘blender game’ have any aeffect (yes, i just made up that word, to avoid the silliness).

It sounds like your problem is to do with the object scaling; IE - press CTRL-A then select “apply scale”… Not sure about the importing, but when you start the Game Engine, soft-body uses the mesh data- independently of the object scaling, so you can make it 10 times bigger, but unless you apply the scaling (the above will apply the object scale to the mesh) it will still be the original mesh size, 10 times smaller…

holy cow. thanks a lot. i’m amazed that after months i didn’t see that.
it is still strange that the soft-body settings under ‘soft-body edge’ and ‘soft-body goal’ don’t seem to do anything at all, i’ve changes the settings wildly, but no difference. Maybe that also has to do with starting from a ‘cube’ object… i’ve ‘applied’ the subdivisions but maybe there is another step needed.
mostly working. now just have to figure out how to ‘bake’ the soft-soft body animation…