Weird Space Eye: my first render!

Hi just got blender yesterday, its amazing! Ive just been doing tutorials and messing about, this started from a Pixar Eye tutorial, but for some reason i couldnt get the Iris texture to apply so i went a bit nuts with random buttons out of boredom. And heres the result, didnt take any skill whatsoever, but I think its kinda cool anyway!

I love work like this. Very eye catching and beautiful, yet deceptively easy to do. Bravo :smiley:

I tried the Pixar eye tutorial also, and I had the exact same problem… The texture would never look correct when I would put it on.

The very good work (true)

THIS ALL WRONG!!.. to make up for this I have created a short tutorial HERE

I had the same problem to, but then I just hit the clip button (under materials > texture) and started messing around with the x-y button s. Next thing you know I figured out how to center it.

Basically if you look a at a box (the one on the left side of the material buttons window works) you notice that there is a bottom and a left… those are min-x and min-y. If you change those numbers they change where that edge of the image will appear. On the other side of the box you have a top and a right side of the box. Those are the max-x maxy, and they determine were those edges of the image go.

So if the image is smaller than the surface you are mapping to you streeeeach the image by pulling on the edges, so min-x, min-y go into the negative (-0.100) or whatever you need, and the max-x max-y go into the postive (1.100) or what ever you need.

The biggest mistake I made was pushing the image around the object by making min-x a pos number and then max-x a pos number. They should be opposite eachother.

Oh man! that’s one of the coolest renders I’ve seen in ages! :o
Could you post a bigger version to use as a wallpaper?

Very cool pic!! :o I remember my early days of blender and just messing around and getting wierd but cool results. Now that I actualy know some stuff it seems a lot harder to get something to look like what I want :-?

that is the best first render ever :o

very nice - lovely abstract feel

im currently working on a high-poly Spongbob Squarepants, while i still get used to the program. when hes hes finished i think ill have him riding another space eye in the time warp firing lasers. maybe from his eyes. when i do ill post another render!!

Beautiful render, impressive for a first render ever.

Very abstract (already pointed), and nice effect. Keep the good work.