Weird spacecraft interior

Working on an animation of traveling through the interior of a giant, ancient spacecraft. Here’s a couple of stills:

I’ve been pretty pleased with the results so far, but I’d like some advice on what people have found to make their images and animations “bigger”. I’m hoping to do something like the scene in “Star Trek, The Motion Picture”, where the Enterprise enters V’ger.
What gives an image a grand sense of scale? Thanks!

One way to make something in an animation to look gigantic is to have it move very, VERY slowly with no jerky movements. For stills, maybe have a familiar object in the same scene as the immense object/place to show comparison in size. An example of this would be to have a human spacecraft next to the alien one to show how big the alien one really is, or something along those lines.

I’m pretty please with your results too, hehe. I love the texture and how random it is, plus the surface looks like it’s been polished by alot of hands going across it. Well worn you might say and it looks great.

As far as perspective, it’s all in the angles, the references and speed (when animated). Things have more of an angle close up and flatten out farther away. By references I mean something people know the size of. Damned hard to do when everything is alien, but maybe a few aliens working on a ledge or something.

Star Trek movie did this by travel speed and complexity of the models. They gave the sensation of maintaining one speed, bigger things took longer to go through and smaller things whipped by. Also one small thing would be close, (you got a feeling of the size), then you’d see thousands of them in the distance.

Just don’t stop adjusting until it feels right! Can’t wait to see more from ya.

Give that colage(the picture,I can’t spell) feel so your eveys need a few second to see every thing, pay attention to details

I should give credit to the good people who have contributed to the texture site I found in one of the threads here. Great resource!