Weird startup.. + can't find Animation Bar.

I want to start animating my model…

But I can’t figure out how to activate the Animation tab… it’s not there at the moment


My startup looks like this:

And below it is a model I made… How to I reset this?

Change that user preferences window to a 3d view window then Ctrl+U to save as your default.
What Animation tab are you talking about ? The timeline is at the bottom of your window and you can animate things in the 3d view (press I key) or in properties window by pressing the I key with the mouse hovering over the property you want to keyframe.
At the top of the window where it says Default, you can select the Animation layout but this not neccessary at all.

OK thx that CTRL+U helped a lot ^^

So now I dragged a window below my 3d window and set it to “Timeline” That is the one for jumping around frames right? ^^