Weird startup issue when webcam is plugged in.

Hi folks

I’m having a small issue with starting blender (both 2.49 and 2.5).
I recently installed ubuntu 10.04, and I’ve been having
the problem since then.

If i launch a single blender process the usual way it takes a long time before
the window shows up (almost ten seconds, i’d guess). It doesn’t output anything in the console, before the usual “compiled with python version 2.6.5”. That isn’t terrible, but it is quite annoying when you’re used to blender showing up almost immediately :stuck_out_tongue:

However the really weird thing is that if i start two blender processes at the same time,
they both show up immediately. Has anyone experienced this before?


Forgot to mention:
The same problem exists when i play my animation from within blender.
It really is more annoying there, since I usually play my animation pretty often.