Weird Stylized Red Pepper Still Life

Hi all,
Don’t ask why I made this. I just started blending/photoshopping and came up with this funky image.
I don’t really consider it a finished project. Just a doodle.

Nice one :slight_smile: Not only the models but the image composition as well!

Certainly intersting…TEh low-poly fell doest feel right though(since the lighitng comes off as too simple, makes for a game-screen-capture type of feel), but it’s cool to see some people exploring alternative styles around here.

Keep em coming!

Thanks for the replys/crits:yes:. Free ality, I know what you mean about the game screenshot feel, but it didn’t occur to me at all until you mentioned it.

I like what’s happening in the background.

The red pepper is sortof an island in the middle which doesn’t seem connected, perhaps some red elsewhere might integrate it, who knows