Weird text file included in a blend file, trying to find users

Ok, I’ve got a blend file I’ve been working on for ages, originally it started off in blender 2.65a but I’m working in 2.78c now, and will be updating to 2.79 pretty soon. And I’ve been cleaning up orphaned data, un-used materials, images which aren’t in use, textures which remained in place despite the objects which use them having been deleted…

And in the data blocks outliner I found a “text” called Clearly it is some sort of python script, but it isn’t set to autorun and I haven’t been using it anywhere that I know of. The data blocks outliner says it has 1 user, I’m not sure what is using it.

I’d like to delete this text from my blend file, but I am concerned it might be somehow in use for something important and that deleing it might mess up something in my file (perhaps mess up some of my materials (all blender internal materials), or maybe corrupt the file if this text file continues to be referenced but no longer exists. So i need to track down the user for this text, what might be wanting it? How do I find this out and hence determine whether I dare delete the weird piece of text.

I find also that when I use the “external data” options under"file" to “find missing files” the name and a filepath for shows up as a missing file, even though I can look at and read it in the text editor window of the blend file.

I will post later, once at the correct PC, the contents of this text into a reply on this thread.

Also if anyone could briefly look at the text and suggest what it might be doing and how it got into the blender file in the first place then that would be helpful. It is not in all of the blend files I’ve made, but it does crop up in a specific one and I can’t work out why.
Thank you

EDIT: got back to relevant PC with file on it, realised that mystery text is called NOT

See the attachment for the text of (5.39 KB)

Removed posted text, see attachment instead.

Why did you load a script for material ?

does it work or not ?

where is that bad font text need file for that ?

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I never loaded a script in this file for anything, that’s why seeing this is so mystifying.

I haven’t tried to make it run, I’ve no idea what it would do and how to know if had worked afterwards.

The missing file which is reported, and which shares the name of this text inside blender, is at:

//…\Program Files (x86)\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.65\scripts\startup\bl_ui\

thats not a good thing to have floating around. you must have right-click “view source”. changing that script could break blender.

but where this txt file comes from ?
was it inside the blend file in the script txt editor ?

does this addon exist in your folder for blender ?

not certain here
what is the problem ?

you first talk about a problem with some txt font then this script thing!

sorry can you elaborate what the problems are ?
may be provide the blend file so we can look at it and see the error

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This piece of text, this .py file, is somehow contained INSIDE my blend file. In the “data blocks” view of the outliner it shows up as “text”. It can be accessed by looking through the text editor window of blender.

This has nothing to do with fonts.

The file is >200Mb not sure of an easy way to provide it. I might see if I can provide you with a version with most of the meshes removed so that you can just see the structure of the file without having such a big file to handle.

Then it look like a script - addon in the text editor
being repeated if it already exists in your folder for blender

but may be you need a copy of it in that file for what ever reason

I do have some blend file with script files / copied script that I can execute when I need whitout searching for these when possible to do

do you need to if not then simply remove it !
then it should go away

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Ok, this cut down version of the file might help you: (803 KB) note that I haven’t included in this file all the images it uses as textures, so they’ll be reported as missing alongside where the text is reported as missing.

no this is only an addon added in the text editor
you can simply delete it save the file
and it will be gone

there are no user for this only being declared in the outliner

so if you don’t use it or need it then just delete it

save your file under a different name just in case
but new file should not see this script anymore

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So that 1 “user” is just counting the fact it appears and would be 2 or more if it was actually in use by anything?

a script addon does not really have users
like mesh data ect

it is only being shown in the outliner
not certain why there are user for this !

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