weird texture issue

hey all im having a really strange problem, iv got a uv mapped person but im getting loads of strange colors in my texture: heres what i mean if you look you can see loads of pinks and purples on it but theyre not there on the texture map

thanks fudge

is that a render or previwe?

just a screen capture

Do you have a texture added to the material? It looks the same color as the default texture color when you add a tex. Make sure Tex Face is on too.

lemme guess

your texture is a jpeg

those are jepg compression artifacts, jpeg is a lossy compression, you loose quality

also, they are made more visible by having a poor [intel for example] graphics card, which downsamples textures making some small changes in color much larger.

so, even with a png image it appears you would have similar effects as this:
[but they shouldn’t show up when you render]

a screen capture, eh?

Anyone think there’s a possibility that “Draw Faces” is turned on?

well i still get it with png and still with draw faces off

and i dont have a material

I think you should try rendering it first.

well it works then but i want to use it for the game engine

if you have jasc paint shop try putting the original through the ‘remove jpeg artifacts’ filter before saving as png.

i use photoshop is there a filter with that?

not in the regular distribution. but if PSP uses the PS plugin architecture you might be able to use that.

however it could be, as zerod said, an issue with your graphic card.