Weird texture painting brush issue

Hello there,

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong here. Basically I made a simple model and want to texture paint it to learn how to texture paint actually. I followed a youtube tutorial and everything was fine until I started painting. When I draw on the object, the brush does a weird pattern on my object and I later noticed that the pattern looks like my UV projection. How do I fix this? Thank you in advance (please help me).

Blender version: 2.91
Windows 10
Screenshot over here:

Several things…You are in edit mode…and you are not in Texture Paint…Switch out of Edit Mode…Open the Texture Paint Workspace…Icons on top of UI…then you should be OK…

That is not the issue. I mean I am obviously in edit mode, but the texture you see on top was obviously done in texture paint, and in the texture paint workspace. I just so happened to take the screenshot when I had gone back to edit mode. What do you mean by icons on top of UI? because I don’t see which icons you are talking about.

You showed us a view where you were in edit mode…not Paint and not in the Texture Paint workspace…( you are in it now…I said Icon…how about TAB does that work for you!!)
Then you show us where you should be after we respond…what do you expect?

It is obvious that somehow you have taken the textures and made a circular argument where you are painting on the UV with the UV image…but you didn’t show the proper windows in the first place…

Thank you for trying to help anyways.

It looks like there’s a texture assigned in Brush Settings > Texture.

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Thank you so much, I found the culprit there. I wonder how that texture made its way there!

Don’t know much about these things but it looks like textures assign themselves to current brush if you add them through Texture Properties tab down in the Properties window. So… beware of that, I guess.

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Much appreciated.