Weird textures on Eevee

Hi guys!

I’m pretty new to Blender and I need some help on something that I don’t quit understand.
I made a simple scene using mixamo + a model that I found on sketchfab. On Cycles it render perfectly but on Eevee the clothes textures completely fail. I know there is big difference between the two of them but I wanted to know if there’s some way I can made the Eevee render better.

On the model I know that there some textures missings when I try to pack, but I don’t know where they are and the result is still good in Cycles so I’m not sure this is the problem.



I join here two exports I made with eevee and cycle.
I can’t upload the source file here so I made a wetransfer link :

Thank a lot for your help!!

You need to pack your image textures to the .blend file so we can see it.

(PACKING TEXTURE IS NOT THE SOLUTION, it’s to help us with checking your file)

Follow this step:

After it, please resend the new file (and forget the .blend1, we don’t need it).

So sorry I didn’t know, here is the file :
Thx for your help!

This is what I get after removing all of the missing texture, replacing the modified Principle BSDF nodes with something else and turning off bloom (file is large and you can do it yourself easily)

Indeed it works! Thx a lot!!
I didn’t even thought going in shader I’m quit dumb…