weird thing

well i started playing with my f1 this morning and i renderd it then saved it then when i opend it next this happend

umm, is that a screenshot of the viewport?

is the weird thing like the edge around the cockpit?

if so, it is called zfighting and there are numerous ways to fix it
make your views clip end closer to the clip start
(increase clip start as much as possible)
set your screen’s color depth to 32 bit (looks like it may be already)
decrease the size of your model (really only makes a difference if it is like 500 units)

umm, if it is something else, let us know

btw, I don’t think any engine would get bigger at the very back like that

thanks for the help it works and by engine do you mean the turbine things? if so yeh i think they are but im going to fix them soon