Weird thing...

I just came across something while I was doing Blender… I had a sensor named “up” and one named “dn”. I realized that “dn”(short for “down”) is “up” upside down. Cool, huh?

up dn See it now?


Do you really think it’s necessary to post such inane things, like when you discover you can make a farting noise with your belly if you get a pocket of air inside it just right?

Well… Sorry :expressionless: . Me and my brother thought it was cool, but it’s pretty dumb %| . I may delete this post, and theeth can delete it if he wants to.

It’s sort of interesting, but I don’t think it’s worth posting about. And you spelled weird wrong.

Well, you know how to spell weird, WeirdHat. Yeah it is dumb, but I just thought it was interesting. Oh well.

2 votes on no, thats funny :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
no serious, I understand that you find it interesting. LOL

Intersting indeed…but hardly worth noting in a Forum, let alone in a new thread.

It would be more of an IRC notable thing than here IMHO.

ok somebody has WAY to much time on there hands. :smiley:

somebody cant just help themselves from posting stupid things

I don’t even have to say what we’re all thinking about R2blend

This is one of the few times that I ever agreed with Ditto on something…

Allthough, I’m one of the people that are in favor for the “freedom” of speech around here and in fact I my self, have contributed in the stupefication of this Forum, many times in the past, but I also think that there are limits to all things and when a good joke is being repeated, it stops being a joke in the first place…

Not that your post R2Blend is that bad (actually that up/dn thing is kinda smart and under different circumstances I wouldn’t have any objections…) but I see a lot of people “overdoing” it a bit lately and that decreases the “Signal to Noise” ratio on this board, dramatically…

Ofcourse it is just my opinion and you people can always ignore me…

Well, you know how to spell weird, WeirdHat.[/quote]

Well there’s one thing you can take from this. Your in an elite group now of people who have misspelled the word weird and then been corrected by WeirdHat. I think I got called on that once myself. :wink: Weird, gotta remember that, wEIrd.

Freedom of speeach is actaully a term coined for use in government and it’s actions, or atleast that’s my take on it. When it comes to community based organizations (esp. on the internet) it should be called “censorship”. That may be the opposite of free speech but it better describes the conditions.

Freedom of speech to me doesn’t give you the right to screem out in times square with your pants off the eff word over and over again. Nor does it give you the right (esp. in non-government capacity, ie volunteer or commercial organization) to post spam or otherwise non-noteworthy stuff.

I totally agree with your ideas on signal/noise ratio. I’d like to expand this to larger forums as well. Large forums can’t tolerate very much noise simply because threads are posted quite often, and in 2-3 hours from now your thread, without replies may be at the bottom of the page by now. Spam can seriourly make a lot of noise.

Elysiun isn’t large yet, but with the amount of noise at this particular time it quite annoying. Aside from that these forums are getting quite large, people who come in here are going to see a lot of noise and aren’t going to stick around.