Weird transparency issue when using hair particles for carpet

Hi All,
I hope I have placed this in the correct sub forum
I have followed this tutorial for a rug using hair particles, but the base of the carpet renders tranparent even it has a solid material applied to to it.
I’ve run through the tutorial again, but can’t see where the error may of come from.
As work around I added a solid object underneath the carpet object to act as the carpet base, but I’m guessing there’s a better solution.

I’ve attached render images of both with and with out the solid object, to show the transparency issue.
Below everything is mesh object I use as a background ( thanks to the great @artfromrachel) and made sure this object wasn’t intersecting.
I’ve stripped down my scene file and uploaded it too.

Stumped, any help would be great.


Is the “show emitter” checkbox checked in the particle system > Render options?

No it wasn’t and that did the trick !!
So if I understand this right, I should select show emiiter for when I want to see the object that the particles / hairs are “grown” from, but not if I just want to see the hairs/particles.
Is that correct?
BTW thank you very much for solving this

No problem. :slight_smile:
Yes exactly. I think it’s simply: render the emiiter (your plane) in the final render or not. The particles are independent of this setting.
It is a little bit cunfusing that it is shown in the viewport for all 4 viewport modes. I don’t know why.