Weird transparency issue

Hi All,

I seem to be having a bizzare problem with my rendering. When I make a surface reflect and transparent, and then extrude this object (ie making a glass, see the attached render) the inside of the extruded object will go grey and not be transparent.

See the attached render:


try adjusting the ray depth in the materials settings

Iwould would thinks that happening because of the thikness…try what ninjitzue said :stuck_out_tongue:

thickness has nothing to do with it. ray depth is how many transparent surfaces a ray will go through before it self-terminates. more like… 1 ray depth for each tansparent/reflective object a ray will come in contact to…

Ok cool I’ll try that.

Apart from that though whatya think of my first render? :wink:

Well I changed the ray depth on the transparancy (for the material) and it still looks the same in the render. I’ll attach the .blend file and upload it when i get home.

looks like an fresnell issue, ill wait for the blend

You know that you can save the render by hitting f3 right?.

Mah blender file :slight_smile:


office.blend (438 KB)

Anyone have any ideas? :S

You could experiment with this:-

(The Alpha value was probably a bit high.)

office.blend (90.8 KB)

How did you do that? :S