Weird unremovable tool when creating UV map?

Hello wonderful blender artists!

I am currently creating my first UV map and have run into this peculiar problem. No matter what I do I can’t seem to find info or get rid of it. It is essentially a red circle that attracts vertices and does the opposite with ctrl. It seems useful in a few scenarios but i just need it to go! :frowning: (And then be told the name of it and how to make it come forth once more :eyebrowlift:)

How it looks when i scale the tool using f and moving the cursor.

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  • Juicy

UV Sculpting
Toggle UV Sculpt on/off in the UVs menu of the UV/Image Editor window

Awesome! I can’t believe i couldn’t find it - but thanks a ton for bothering with answering me! :smiley:

Thank you a ton for answering! I can’t believe i couldn’t find that before :stuck_out_tongue:

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