weird uv problem

Ok so I took some faces into the uv thing. I had them all selected, adjusted them to my picture, pinned them, then stiched them. Yes, texface is turned on. When I go to look at my model in textured, the faces I selected are now invisible from the outside, and the picture I mapped can be seen from the other side of the faces! ahhhh. What did I do so wrong? Also i’d like to ask if there’s a way to not make the model completely white on the areas that haven’t been uvmapped yet. If I uvmap a small spot, on textured any part that hasn’t been mapped yet is completely white, what’s with that?

UVMapped faces can only be seen from the side that the normals are pointing. In Edit mode Ctrl-N with all verts selected. If that doesn’t work select only the offending faces and ‘Flip Normals’ from W menu in edit mode.


Thanks a bunch man, it works finely now.