Weird vehicle

i made this vehicle today in about two hours. its some sort of truck for use on a dusty planet.


please tell me what you think. i think i make more vehicles like this one. so i can use your comments on other models.

Looks good for something that looks unfinished, put set smooth on and add some detail and textures.

well, maybe ill make some details but i still have to learn how i should make good textures. also i dont want to set smooth because i want it to look like its welded from plates.

I wouldn’t call this finished.

I would call it just a begiining of quite a nice model… go to the WIP forum right now and keep modelling this vehicle :slight_smile:

i like this too. you’ve got the overall form looking well, now its time to add some details :slight_smile:

ok i get it. its in the finished projects forum now so i cant move it (unless one of the mods do it). ill add some details (guns, suspension, ladder, ect).

I hope to see the truly finished piece :slight_smile:

looks like a D-Day bunker from Normandy put on wheels :slight_smile:
interesting concept…maybe you should put like a radar dish on top

:stuck_out_tongue: It looks fine but add some texture like a metal one or wooden one witha ww2 back ground or somthin you know to chatch some ones eye