Weird White Polygons

I was modeling and then I tried some of that split polygon stuff that has been recently posted on Blender’s homepage and when I decided I didn’t like the effect on the characters I deleted said polygons and then filled in the gaps that I had made.

Anyway, as I continued on in edit mode all the polys looked natural but then after I while I went to take a look at them in Shaded and Texture mode and that’s when I got the weird white polys that I can’t seem to get rid of with any amount of UV face button pressing or normals flipping. Can anyone help? Because if they can be gotten rid of that would be NICE. And I would be very thankful.

What is this split polygon stuff? Is this a new modifier?

Its when you select a face in edit mode and then press Y for splitting it from the mesh to add more detail to low detail models. let me show the link:

I’m not sure whats going on. Can you provide a blend file so we can look at what the problem is? What happens if you render it?

By the way, the tutorial indicates using PKEY not YKEY. PKEY separates selected polygons into a new mesh. Also, the latest build (for render passes) has the EdgeSplit modifier. You can do the same thing without adding extra vertices (which is what happens when you split the polygons).

Try doing UV face select, selectallfaces, and activate “light” and click “copy Draw Mode”. If that fails, post a .blend. I’m confident i can fix it.

You’re a genius kjknohw!! How’d you get to be so smart? =)

copy Draw Mode worked even though I don’t know what that means.