weird wireframes popping up after pushing " rigify button"

hello out there
some weird wires popped up when I generated “rigigy buttons”
seemed they re all parts of a normal rig , but in different scales/proportions and mostly all at the same spot…
Bone heat weighting also showed up…
am getting confused by all this…
thanks for having a look…


MAN.blend (2.48 MB)

They are just the meshes used to make the bone shapes. Just leave them on a hidden layer

was not refering to the usual ones
I mean these… they all have different scalings and rotations…
has this influence on bone heat weighting??


I don’t know Rigify but I think Richard is right. These are the shapes for the bones.

If you close your file and reopen it, they will reset to a proper scale. They are indeed the shapes auto created for bone shapes.

And no, they will not have an affect on your bone weights.